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About David

At 28 years old David had his first awakening. His abilities began to come in waves as he developed and the more he healed himself and others the more skills and memories came forward to be remembered. David is a Melchizedek high priest that can channel the ascended masters, angels, galactic's and GOD or EL. David has had recall of his past lives, some notable lives are Sun Tzu, Marcus Aurelius, Robert the Bruce, Achilles, Sigurd slayer of Fáfnir, Lancelot du Lac, Little John, D'Artagnan, King David and Enlil. All of his experiences combined has assisted David in helping those who are lost and are looking for a way back or for those who are looking to enhance themselves. He is a proficient psychic surgeon, Channeller, Akashic records reader and teacher who hopes to share his knowledge with as many people as possible and to heal those who need healing. After a second awakening he has discovered his true name, Ashtar Anar.

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The House of EL  - Mystery School 

David  offers a way into the House of EL - Mystery School , In this training mentorship you will learn knowledge about yourself, how to increase your sensitivity, open your third eye, How to protect yourself from astral beings, learn about magic, communicate with higher dimensional beings and much more.

You will be mentored on a one on one basis with David for a 3 month period of accelerated spiritual/emotional/mental growth.

This Program will involve personalized lessons that are designed to help you discover yourself, to find out what drives you, how you work, enhance psychic abilities, detoxify the body and energetic system, helps to retrieve information from your guides and angels and much more.

Once you have filled the application, David will decide whether to allow you into the Program as there are limited spots available. (20) We will be accepting new students Sept 1st for our Fall semester. If you are interested you can apply and make your first installment of $1000 usd to reserve your place in the summer mentorship program. All training is done one on one. 

If you're interested in joining this program and would like more information, click the ¨Apply Now¨ button below to see the syllabus.

About The House of EL - Mystery School

The THOEL was founded in 2020 with an intention to help those who needed a place to practice their abilities and who were interested in the mystic arts. THOEL was founded and created by Master David Lotherington, Avatar of the Kal Force.

The Kal Force is a 7.7 dimensional being who most often teaches at THOEL. The Kal Force resides in all living beings and contains the spirit, giving it limitation, so it can become a soul, allowing you to have a human experience. However, there are other beings that also teach through the channeler from the House of EL collective. Some of these beings in the THOEL collective include Buddha, Mary Magdalene, The Merlin, Jesus Christ, Galahad, St Germaine, Archangel Michael and Lady Christ to name a few. Each of these beings have their own knowledge that they enjoy sharing with the school on a weekly basis.  Members  of the school are able to ask these beings questions during class. There are also Dragons that are coming through to teach us about Magic, Alchemy and other wonderful things. THOEL has an archive of knowledge that has been recorded since its beginnings. This knowledge is being transcribed and put into books that can be taught to humanity in the future. Until that time, we build the knowledge of creation and store it in the archives. 
Once one enters into the Mentorship Training Program they begin the path of purification. This removes all entities, implants and blockages from the mentee which removes obstacles from their life and prepares them with the appropriate knowledge to enter into THOEL. If the mentee completes their exam successfully, they will be examined by the Council. The Council will examine the mentee for ethics and morality along with a good heart. If these criteria are met the mentee is initiated into THOEL. This Initiate is able to practice and train with others in the school to improve their ability. An Initiate can eventually become an Adept which requires 6 Adept Points. This title allows access to more powerful knowledge, which has a greater effect on reality. Eventually, the Adept may become a Master after 6 further Adept Points are attained. 
Each member of the house is able to work for the school. We have a few different jobs currently such as Energy Healers, and DNA Infusionists. We are working on more. Initiates earn $100 an hour, Adepts earn $150 an hour and Masters earn $200 an hour. 
If you would like to join THOEL, feel free to email Master David Lotherington at and send your first payment to the Mentorship Program through their official website  Once your payment is received, you will choose both a date and time to have your class and that will be the time and day of your class for the next 3 months. You have made it this far, so the universe has guided you here, to this exact moment. 
We have been waiting, see you soon. 

Semesters are from:

Spring :     March 1st - May 17th                 

Summer : June    1st - Aug  17th                

Fall :            Sept     1st - Nov  17th

Winter :      Time to rest. 


Each semester there are only (20) available slots so join now before your place is filled
Become a part of something greater, learn the mysteries of the Arcane, meet like minded people, upgrade your life, practice your skills, have fun, learn about  real magic and alchemy, learn the rules of the matrix, how to improve your psychic abilities and learn about the universe and Galactic's. Official website www.THOEL.CA Now online!

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Tanna Cressman

I'm not typically one to write reviews about anything, no matter how strongly I feel about something.  However, I needed to make an exception when it came to my experience with David Lotherington.  He has incredible knowledge and abilities when it comes to removing unwanted energies and entities.  When I needed to unburden experiences from my past, he had a very compassionate understanding.  My past experiences had created blockages and once revealed, the blockages were able to be removed.  Since meeting David and working with him, I have been able to move forward as I feel much more balanced than I was before our first session.  I can honestly say David has changed my life for the better, and I will be forever grateful to him and his abilities.

Holly Rose

I have received the most astonishing healing from someone of human origin. That person is David Lotherington, a true ascended master. He released me of two painful situations that had been torturous for years. He is a treasure trove of information  about anything you need to know and is loving, kind, and compassionate. Thank you for giving me this freedom to live without fear and pain David. Thank you for teaching me about Reiki and for giving it to me, as well..Love and forever blessings, Holly Rose

Ailsa JE Carrick

I can very much recommend David, He is a compassionate healer who has given me some really helpful insights into what it happening in my body. He has worked on my chakras and my energy body. I can't really sum up all that he does in a few words but the energy work feels amazing and my body is always lighter afterwards. David is helping me on my healing journey and my sessions with him always give a physical, energetic and emotional boost.

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"When we touch something, we leave our fingerprints. When we touch the lives of people, we leave our identity.

Life is good when you are happy, but life is much better when others are happy because of you. Nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers do not drink their own water. The trees do not eat their own fruit. The sun does not shine to itself, and the flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves.

Living for others is a rule of nature. We are all born to help each other. It does not matter how difficult the situation in which you are, keep doing good."

Mythi The Andromedan

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