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How Do I Book A Session?

All services that are available are shown on the ¨Book Online¨ section of the menu. Once you have chosen a service that you would like to have, you can choose the day and time slot that is available to choose from and then you can reserve your session with David.

You will receive a confirmation Email and David will Contact you to confirm your session. If you do not know exactly what has guided you here you can pay $200 and Master David L will give you what you were meant to receive. 

How Are Online Sessions Done?

David primarily uses Zoom for his Online sessions but he also can also use Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger Video Call.

If you do not have Zoom or can´t use it or don´t want to use it, then please specify your preference in the email section that is available while you book your session.

Why Should I Need A Healing Session?

Imagine you have an argument with a loved one, this argument creates negative energy. If this energy is not released it settles in a chakra that is connected to that part of your life.


Your body will tell you that the negative energy is there by creating a physical symptom. For example if you have an issue with your hands, shoulders, heart, lungs or upper back it is related to the heart chakra and there is trauma or negative energy stored there. 

Unfortunately we do not listen to our bodies anymore as we used to so the symptoms get worse and worse until we pay attention to them, or not and we have major health issues.


By booking a Healing Session that suits your needs, David can remove these blockages and pull out the negative energy and other things that don´t serve your highest good.


Without the negative energy the body has no reason to create symptoms to tell you that there is an issue, the body is then allowed to heal back to its healthy state naturally.


When you are grounded and relaxed and feel pain, this is where there is an energetic blockage that should be removed.

David offers different kinds of Healing Sessions, From Psychic surgery to Channelings which can include your guides, who can help you with the next step on your journey.


What Is Channeling?

Channeling is an entrainment of frequencies between the Channeler and the being that is channeled that allows for a connection between the two so that they may be able to communicate through one another, allowing for access to information that the channeler would not know.

Who is Kal-EL?

Kal-EL is also known as the Kal force. A Bisu consciousness from the 7.8th dimension. The Kal is an eternal that has always existed in our experience of life and carries out several functions. The Kal force holds the spirit to the physical body which makes your spirit a soul. 
It gives the spirit boundaries to its power so that it may experience limitations. This Kal force may be seen as a silver cord for you astral travelers.  Without the Kal force there would be no physical experience as the soul would not be able to stay within the body. The Kal force exists in all creations with a soul throughout the multiverse. The Kal force is nearly (Omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent). Master David Channels Kal often and Kal guides clients through difficult situations and helps with problems. 

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