Energy healing like Reiki is just the beginning. Psychic surgery goes much deeper into the body and works on specific issues in your energetic field. Remove entities, remove implants, both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, remove blockages that have been with you for years,  overcome fears and addictions even overcome past life attachments. Psychic surgery is the next level of healing and many of Davids clients who have had it can attest to its effectiveness in removing pain and for helping them to feel lighter and more energized overall. 
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Have you ever wanted to speak to your spirit guides or angels? Perhaps you have a connection with a being from another planet. Communicate with interdimensional beings, guides, angels and
non-terrestrials safely through David with channeling. Channeling is an energetic frequency shift which is done by David to entrain his vibrational frequency to the frequency of the being that is desired to be channeled. When Davids and the entity being channeled frequencies are harmonious then the entity can speak and act through David like a radio transmission. You may ask them questions about any topic you wish. Remember, many of these beings are speaking for their entire race or collective so please be respectful and have fun.
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Galactic energy healing is a healing modality that is currently being used on the human colonies off planet. The symbols used have been specially formulated and approved after a long testing process by the Arcturian council to be used on Humans. Each galactic symbol has a specific purpose and function, for example to heal emotional trauma. To shield from negative energy, to raise or lower ones vibrational frequency, to raise/lower the vibration of a location. Galactic energy healing was given to us by a female Lyran named Tekkrr and she has been working on this project to share with humanity for a long time. This healing modality is very rare and is only known by less than 100 people on the planet at this time. Fortunately David was in the first class to receive this attunement and is able to send Galactic energy healing from any distance to wherever you are.
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Reiki is a form of energy healing where universal life force energy is channeled through the Reiki practitioner and sent into the client. This energy can be used by the body to perform many functions such as release toxins, give the body energy it needed to heal itself, help a person to feel lighter, helps you to relax, it calms the mind and cures an energy vampire aka a dramatic person for a period of time.
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As a symbol of peace from non-terrestrials to humans particular individuals are donating their DNA to help integrate and balance the human DNA sequence. This DNA will be passed down to your children and is permanent in nature. Each non-terrestrial species has different traits that come along with their DNA associated with their race and further the personality traits of the individual who is offering at that time. DNA infusions are usually done through trans dimensional technologies and can be teleported into your DNA sequence both etherically and corporally but on occasion needle marks can be found after an infusion when you wake up. The procedure is as follows : David will communicate with your team to see which race infusion will serve your highest good unless a particular DNA is requested.  David will then telepathically communicate with his team so they are aware of the situation and if they are available then they will scan you from the craft during your session. This scan will reveal many details including DNA compatibility of the race of interest with your naturalized DNA. There is a protocol which takes some time on the galactic side which is running a computer with your information in it to see which race suits you best to see if you are a good candidate for the particular race. If everything lines up and they find the individual who will be your best match the process will begin. Depending on their workload the etheric component of the DNA infusion will take from 1-3 days. After this time period there will be an additional scan to see how your body has integrated the etheric component of the DNA. If there are no issues then the physical component of the infusion will begin. The recipient may have some physical signs of change including red marks, bruises, needle marks and some don't receive any physical mark. During this time you are more sensitive and may become more emotionally unstable then normal. Your body may also react in other ways similar to after an energetic healing session, which may not occur.
After your body integrates the non-terrestrial DNA you will begin to feel changes in your perception, intelligence, sensitive abilities, emotional capability, physical attributes and other effects which vary from race to race. The DNA infused is initially given at a low % and is dialed up over time to insure compatibility, Usually starting at 1-2% and working their way up to 4-5 % depending on each individual. Traits of non human races are listed. DNA infusions take two sessions to complete, one 1 hour session and one 1/2 hour session included in the price. Click make a payment to begin.


This program is specifically designed to help those that are interested in enhancing themselves, finding out inner knowledge, learning about how to increase their sensitivity, open their third eye, communicate with higher beings and much more. The Mentee will be mentored on a one on one basis with David Lotherington for a 3 month period of accelerated spiritual/emotional/mental growth.
This program will involve personalized lessons that are designed to help you discover yourself, to find out what drives you, how you work, enhances psychic abilities, detoxes the body and energetic system, helps to retrieve information from your guides and angels, enhances your DNA with a customized DNA infusion and much much more.
Those interested will be guided through the program through one on one video sessions which will be tailored to you and your current level of development and will take place one day a week for 3 months. Clients that have undergone this course in the past have come from dark places in their lives and have come to see the world in a new light with a new perspective. Their anxieties of life have now gone and they are working as health and other professionals while having their own energetic practices. The best investment you can make in your life is to invest into yourself. This knowledge will stay with you throughout your life helping you to see the little things that people miss giving you the upper hand in everyday life. Learn knowledge from real teachers (teachers that do what they teach) not fake teachers ( teachers that do not do what they teach). Those interested in the program email 
There are only  ***5 places remaining***

All sessions are 1 hour long. Sessions are completed through a online video session ( Facebook or Zoom ) or via proxy using a picture sent before the session is to start. All payments are made upfront through paypal or e transfer and made to before the client is put into the schedule. Energy is not limited by space or time so distance sessions are just as effective as sessions in person. 


Our Offers


$1200  (Most popular package) 

Keep yourself uplifted, clear and recharged with the keep shining package. This package includes a full energy blockage removal of the front and back of your chakras once a month for a full year.

Your sessions will be once a month which will be enough to stay on top of your blockages so you can manifest and feel light and clear throughout the year.  The session will be done by Master psychic surgeon David and during that time you can ask him anything you like. 


11x Thirty minute sessions. 

1x One hour session

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Perfect for anyone looking to feel better


1x Chakra balancing

1x Universal healing session 

2x Vibrational raises

1x Full energetic blockage removal both front and back

1x Psychic surgery

1x Entity removal

1x Energetic implant removal. 

All will be done in 2 sessions.

Explanation of each will be coming soon...

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Perfect for those looking to amplify what they already have. This package uses an ancient technique that was thought to be lost to align the energy channels that run through the head. Aligning such channels can activate latent abilities, help to provide clarity to fuzzy clair abilities and help to focus the mind.


1x Head beam alignment

1x Light language activation codes

1x Dna activation

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David has been in the super soldier program has found a way out, it took a while but he figured out how to get out of the program.  Also he made it and without lashback from ICC and other groups. David is hoping to share what he has learned with people to help them get out as well.  The secret is to remove your implants and keep them out.


1x Full body, energetic implant removal

1x Full body, entity removal

Session is 1 hour and 30 minutes


For 100$ extra I will read your akashic records and see which programs you are/were involved in. 

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I have received the most astonishing healing from someone of human origin. That person is David Lotherington, a true ascended master. He released me of two painful situations that had been torturous for years. He is a treasure trove of information  about anything you need to know and is loving, kind, and compassionate. Thank you for giving me this freedom to live without fear and pain David. Thank you for teaching me about Reiki and for giving it to me, as well..Love and forever blessings, Holly Rose

Holly Rose

I'm not typically one to write reviews about anything, no matter how strongly I feel about something.  However, I needed to make an exception when it come to my experience with David Lotherington.  He has incredible knowledge and abilities when it comes to removing unwanted energies and entities.  When I needed to unburden experiences from my past, he had a very compassionate understanding.  My past experiences had created blockages and once revealed, the blockages were able to be removed.  Since meeting David and working with him, I have been able to move forward as I feel much more balanced than I was before our first session.  I can honestly say David has changed my life for the better, and I will be forever grateful to him and his abilities.

Tanna Cressman

Ailsa JE Carrick

I can very much recommend Camelot Healing. David is a compassionate healer who has given me some really helpful insights into what it happening in my body. He has worked on my chakras and my energy body. I can't really sum up all that he does in a few words but the energy work feels amazing and my body is always lighter afterwards. David is helping me on my healing journey and my sessions with him always give a physical, energetic and emotional boost.

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