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Alien DNA Infusion (No longer Offered)

  • 1 h
  • 250 U.S. dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

As a symbol of peace from non-terrestrials to humans, particular individuals are donating their DNA to help integrate and balance the human DNA sequence. This DNA will be passed down to your children and is permanent in nature. Each non-terrestrial species has different traits that come along with their DNA associated with their race and further the personality traits of the individual who is offering at that time. DNA infusions are usually done through trans dimensional technologies and can be teleported into your DNA sequence both etherically and corporally but on occasion needle marks can be found after an infusion when you wake up. The procedure is as follows : David will communicate with your team to see which race infusion will serve your highest good unless a particular DNA is requested. David will then telepathically communicate with his team so they are aware of the situation and if they are available then they will scan you from the craft during your session. This scan will reveal many details including DNA compatibility of the race of interest with your naturalized DNA. There is a protocol which takes some time on the galactic side which is running a computer with your information in it to see which race suits you best to see if you are a good candidate for the particular race. If everything lines up and they find the individual who will be your best match the process will begin. Depending on their workload the etheric component of the DNA infusion will take from 1-3 days. After this time period there will be an additional scan to see how your body has integrated the etheric component of the DNA. If there are no issues then the physical component of the infusion will begin. The recipient may have some physical signs of change including red marks, bruises, needle marks and some don't receive any physical mark. During this time you are more sensitive and may become more emotionally unstable then normal. Your body may also react in other ways similar to after an energetic healing session, which may not occur. After your body integrates the non-terrestrial DNA you will begin to feel changes in your perception, intelligence, sensitive abilities, emotional capability, physical attributes and other effects which vary from race to race. The DNA infused is initially given at a low % and is dialed up over time to insure compatibility, Usually starting at 1-2% and working their way up to 4-5 % depending on each individual.

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